Customer Reviews

Through years of working on computers in the area i've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some of the best people in Southern Illinois. Below are a few examples of the many satisfied customers I have had the pleasure of helping.

- Dean Payne


June - Johnston City, IL.

"As a computer instructor in the JALC Continuing Ed Dept., I am very cautious about choosing someone to service my computers.  Dean has been my “go-to” technician for years and his service is exemplary.  He has helped me set up a theatre room, cleared viruses from computers, made internal repairs to computers, rebuilt computers, advised me on purchases, and solved many other technical issues.  He is a highly qualified  technician and the only person I call when I am in need of technical assistance/service."

Mary Ann - Arizona

"Dean has been the "computer guy" for our family (my Mother, Mother-In-Law, Daughter & myself) for several years. He has added memory, upgraded one computer, and fixed a multitude of problems for each of us. He has helped an inexperienced user to enjoy her computer. The service is excellent. I would highly recommend Dragon Claw PC Repair for all computer needs."


Linda C. - Marion, IL.

"Dean has been working on our computers for last six years, he rebuilt our home computer and we are still using it. Since starting our business five years ago, we have had three times where our system at our store went down, and Dean was at our store within 30 minutes each time and had us up and going within 30 minutes, we purchased our store computer through Dell, and while it was under warranty, he spoke to their tech support and got the parts needed overnighted, taking much of the stress away from us. I would recommend Dean to anyone needing computer service or wanting to create a website, he is knowledgeable, accessible and always will offer the most affordable solution."





Updating Virus/Malware Software

Periodically double-check to see if your anti-virus/anti-malware software is up to date by opening the program and checking the "Last updated" date.

I generally recomend that users update the anti-virus/anti-malware on computers they use at least once a week if not more often in order to be sure and remain protected.

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Backing up your data

There's one simple rule about backups that everybody needs to fully understand: Your files should exist in at least Two places, or it's no longer a backup—and your data is at risk. Too often people delete the files from their primary PC, assuming they are backed up.

There are many options for backing up your files including, using portable devices like an external hard drive or using online backup services.

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Keeping you Pc Fan Clean

You can use a vacuum to suck up dirt, dust, or hair around the computer on the outside case. However, do not use a vacuum for the inside of your computer as it generates a lot of static electricity that can damage the internal components of your computer. If you need to use a vacuum to clean the inside of your computer, use a portable battery powered vacuum designed to do this job or try using compressed air.